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The TSYS® My Care Card Program

Consumer driven healthcare is giving consumers more control over their healthcare dollars, including how those dollars are spent, and the kinds of accounts they use.   When you reward your participant with the TSYS My Care Card, they enjoy the benefits of security, ease and convenience of accessing their funds and monitoring their activity from multiple accounts—Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA—including limited purpose, health, transit and parking, dependent care), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Lines of Credit (LOCs) and prepaid cash accounts.  Participants are increasingly using cards to manage their co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles for one or more of their accounts as well as the additional support from lines of credit.

To successfully function, healthcare cards must perform as more than just benefit cards. They are fast becoming financial products in their own right. Today’s fast-paced, evolving market mandates that healthcare cards access multiple accounts and function as debit, prepaid and credit cards – all on one piece of plastic. That functionality and flexibility is exactly what the My Care Card provides.

Likewise, insurers, financial institutions and third party administrators (TPAs) benefit from reduced paperwork, simplified processes and cost savings, all managed in a next generation end-to-end solution. No middlemen, no need for outsourcing. It’s all available in our scalable, customizable model that can be implemented in 90 days. Watch your portfolio take off when you raise the bar and match the financial advantage of healthcare accounts with this level of usability.

How it works:

TSYS Healthcare provides the most comprehensive suite of services available today.  We offer:

  • Single stacked card access to multiple purses including HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, LOCs
  • Integrated statements
  • Healthcare statements via e-mail or paper reports on claims
  • Health care card administration and customer-support portals with administration and reporting tools
  • On-line registration for HSAs and automated substantiation
  • Superior cardholder support via IVR, live agents, automated letter generation and web access

    Superior Benefits

    Our healthcare solutions provide benefits all around as this market continues to grow and evolve. We believe our comprehensive options, together with TSYS renowned technology and customer service offer value that is unmatched in the marketplace.

  • Proven technology in unparalleled transaction-processing platform providing true competitive advantages
  • Robust solutions with a full suite of options designed specifically for healthcare card programs
  • True flexibility with turnkey solutions complete with modular product and service features
  • Industry expertise, which means fast and effective implementation, including program approval, production, training and management

    Participants Benefits

  • Integrated healthcare statements
  • Immediate access to funds in multiple accounts with no reimbursement necessary
  • Reduced out of pocket expenses, reduced paperwork and fewer required receipts
  • Increased employee participation contribution to flexible benefits

    TPA and Payer Benefits

  • True real-time stacked purse implementation, including LOCs and HSAs
  • Real time authorization at the POS (Point of Service)
  • Reduced substantiation paperwork and follow-up for insurers and TPAs
  • Web based customer support
  • Web based account access by insurers and TPAs
  • Turnkey programs available for quick and easy implementation
  • System to system integration (via an API) availability for a seamless offering

    Financial Institution Benefits

  • HSA Cards for convenient access to account funds
  • Web-based account access for participants
  • Web-based customer support
  • Web-based account access and funding for employers
  • Support for participants before, during and after enrollment
  • Web-based account management gives consumer instant access to transaction details and account balances

    Real-Time processing Benefits all Stakeholders.  TSYS offers numerous real-time system configuration and processing controls, such as:

  • Stacked-card purse prioritization
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) substantiation
  • Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) Substantiation
  • Co-pay substantiation
  • Recurring expense substantiation
  • Manual claim-funding authorization
  • Merchant Category Code override
  • Authorization accept or decline
  • Card Blocking
  • Fee implementation
  • Transaction history

    As the adoption of card payment options gains momentum, you need a partner who is positioned for rapid advancement. TSYS Healthcare lets you provide the most comprehensive suite of services today to manage your customers’ expectations. With a world-class operating environment, years of experience and unquestioned reliability, we are well positioned to help you.
If you are a health plan or third party administrator and need more information about our products and services, please contact us at:

TSYS HealthcareSM
One TSYS Way
Columbus, GA 31901

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