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The TSYS® My Care Card Program

Consumer driven healthcare is giving consumers more control over their healthcare dollars, including how those dollars are spent, and the kinds of accounts they use.  When you reward your participant with the TSYS My Care Card, they enjoy the benefits of security, ease and convenience of accessing their funds and monitoring their activity from multiple accounts—Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA—including limited purpose, health, transit and parking, dependent care), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Lines of Credit (LOCs) and prepaid cash accounts.  Participants are increasingly using cards to manage their co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles for one or more of their accounts as well as the additional support from lines of credit. 
About TSYS HealthcareSM

To answer the needs of the emerging world of healthcare processing, TSYS Healthcare was created in 2007 as a division to develop and market payment solutions for financial institutions, insurers, participants and TPAs.  TSYS Healthcare cards offer participants the security they expect along with the ability to conveniently access funds from multiple accounts.  Likewise, insurers, financial institutions and TPAs benefit from reduced paperwork, simplified processes and cost savings.  We are the largest processor of transaction-enabled healthcare cards in the world, and we are eager to help you grow.  We are excited to bring this dynamic marketplace the same venerable, world-class customer service and industry expertise TSYS has offered to the other segments of the payment industry. 

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